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Screech owls thrive in the backyards of both the city and countryside across most of the U.S. By day, they snooze in the wide-mouth entrance of these Owl Shacks, but by night they eat roaches, rodents, and other pesky critters. Not only are the owls enjoyable to watch as they sleep, they are also performing natural pest control. Having one take up residence in your backyard is an amazing sight to see.

Being an owl landlord is easy and exciting. What a great neighbor to have. Encourage one to come to you by placing an Owl Shack owl house in your yard. Take a look at our personal testimonials to read first-hand how exciting one of our owl houses can be!

Shopping for a gift?
Are you shopping for a gift for a nature lover and/or backyard gardener? Consider getting them an Owl Shack owl house! To place an order for an Owl Shack owl house, please visit our Order Now! page. Each owl house comes fully assembled and includes a detailed information sheet.

In the news...
Owl Shack owl houses were featured on Sunday, June 22, 2010, in a front page article by Michele Marcotte "Owls 'shack' up; welcome young ones" in The Daily Sentinel that serves Nacogdoches, TX.
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Owl Shack owl houses were featured on Sunday, November 9, 2008, in a front page article by Andrew Goodridge "The Hiltons of the Owl Kingdom Built Right Here" in The Daily Sentinel that serves Nacogdoches, TX. That same article also ran in The Lufkin Daily News on the same date in neighboring Lufkin, TX. And then just a few days later, The Associated Press picked up that same article and it ran in about a dozen more print-newspapers and e-newspapers from San Antonio, TX, to Denver, CO, and several points in between.
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Owl Shack owl houses were in the news! An article titled "Houses: Neighbors flock to watch baby screech owls," was printed in the Austin American-Statesman by Julie Bonnin on Saturday, November 11, 2006.
View the article (4.2 MB pdf)

Owl Shack owl houses were highlighted in a February 2008 story on National Public Radio's member station Red River Radio which covers East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and parts of Mississippi.

Owl Shack owl houses were mentioned in the lead article of the March 2008 issue of Texas Co-op (Electric) Power magazine. The article's title is "Texas Backyards Gone Wild" and was written by outdoor writer Sheryl Smith-Rodgers.
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