Cliff & Julie Shackelford are professional biologists living and working in Texas. Cliff is an ornithologist and has published widely on birds including the book Hummingbirds of Texas * by Texas A&M University Press released in 2005. Julie works for a non-profit land conservation organization. They are both avid birdwatchers who enjoy traveling.

Cliff has been making Owl Shack owl houses since graduate school, but really got started during Christmas in the early 2000’s when we made over 35 as gifts for officemates. These owl houses were such a hit that folks started to order more for family and friends. And the interest kept growing and growing so our hobby has gone gangbusters. The design has evolved over the years to what we believe is the best owl house ever. Each and every Owl Shack owl house is handmade by us in our garage. Best of all, the owls love it. We hope you enjoy your Owl Shack owl house!

* To inquire about ordering a signed copy of the book Hummingbirds of Texas, please email Cliff below