Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas
Sometimes, the facts about birds that you’ve heard from the old timers may be tall tales rather than the truth. If they sound a little wild, they very well might be. Grandpa may have told you that hummingbirds ride on the backs of geese when they go to their wintering grounds down south. Or that a hummingbird won’t complete its migration in fall if you don’t take down your hummingbird feeders. He also may have told you that the job of those gangly white birds on and around his cows is to eat ticks off his livestock or that woodpeckers, when they drum and peck on wood, kill trees.  Maybe your neighbor posted to the neighborhood chat group asking if anyone has lost a pet cardinal because one is pecking on their window and wants to come inside.  Here are some more bird myths.

These are all examples of “myths” – a word defined in the dictionary as a widely held but false belief or idea.  And when we spread that myth as fact, we’re making a “claim” or “misconception” that just perpetuates the incorrect information. Before repeating some of these tall tales, do a little research to see if it’s a long-held myth like the ones mentioned above. And then get the facts straight!  Do it for the owls.

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