Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

Especially around Easter, many people can’t resist buying cute and fuzzy baby duck and goose chicks. After all, what kid doesn’t want to play with a duckling or gosling they received at Easter? The challenge is when those little balls of feathers grow up and need more space, more food, and leave larger droppings behind. Many of these unwanted ducks and geese get dumped at neighborhood or city ponds. These hand-fed non-native birds continue depending on humans for survival. We offer them bread and other carbs that result in fat and unhealthy birds that become “sitting ducks” to predators or traffic when they waddle across a road or parking lot. What looks to be peaceful life is anything but that.

If you raise ducks and geese, keep them at home and give them a good life there. If your plan is to keep them awhile and later dump them onto public waters, maybe a duck or goose isn’t the best pet option for you. This applies to any domesticated pet – don’t dump them into the wild. Those dumped animals can start reproducing and begin to overpopulate, sometimes outcompeting native animals for food and decimating habitats – problems that are very difficult and expensive to resolve.
If you want a pet, be a good owner throughout the life of that pet and don’t drop them off to be someone else’s headache. Do it for the owls.

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