Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas
One person’s trash might be another bird’s sanctuary. What I mean by this is don’t throw away, shred, or burn all of your unwanted tree limbs and brush on your property. Instead, consider piling them up in a secluded spot out back.Brush piles, even in urban backyards, can provide great homes and hiding places for birds as well as providing nest material for birds during the breeding season. Here’s how to start your own brush pile

Lots of birds use brushy fence rows which are fence lines that haven’t been mowed or weed-eated so they provide thick and necessary cover for many species. For urbanites worried about brush piles being popular homes for Norway rats and house mice, those pesky non-native rodents that owls eat, they’re more than likely already under your tool shed or in your attic. Keeping brush piles and allowing your fence rows to get brushy means less work for the homeowner or landowner while providing good cover for some of our birds. Do it for the owls!
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