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Noise pollution is defined as:  “harmful or annoying levels of noise, as from heavy machinery, airplanes, industry, etc.”  We live in a society where we’ve become immune to loud annoying noise like the neighbor’s dog barking, the leaf blower, or the car alarms that just seem like background noise most of the time.  But birds can be sensitive to excess noise, especially during the nesting season, as it can be disruptive and cause undue stress.  If you’re aware of an active bird nest, like an owl, please consider treading lightly when in close proximity to that nest.  That’s not the time for loud construction equipment camping out next to a known active nest.  No one is expecting you to stop your normal life including running that noisy riding mower or tractor, but try to keep it moving along instead of stopping, revving, and scaring birds at their nest.  If the incubating adult is flushed off the fragile eggs or nestlings, they can be exposed to the hot sun too long or exposed to hungry predators.  Let the birds continue to be good, protective parents.  Excessive noise has been shown to be harmful to human health

When you are in the great outdoors, listen to the sounds you are making and try to minimize them as to not create noise pollution, especially when you’re around sensitive wildlife.  Do it for the owls.

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