Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

Are you sending vegetable peels and egg shells down through the disposal of your kitchen’s sink?  Are you putting those banana peels and coffee grounds in your garbage can?  All of these items that we normally consider trash can have a second life when mulched.  They will enhance the soil to your backyard wildscape by providing much-needed nutrients.  Consider mulching your kitchen scraps to feed your native plants which, in turn, feed your birds.

While there are compost containers you can purchase, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Under our kitchen sink, we keep a covered container roughly the size of bread loaf that’s dedicated to collecting kitchen scraps.  After a few days when the container is full, we either add it to our mulch pile, along with our yard leaves, or simply sprinkle it directly into your wildscape beds. Egg shells, coffee grounds and vegetable and fruit matter is biodegradable and will help rejuvenate your native plants that our birds depend on.  Never include food scraps containing oil, like meat or bones, because that’ll attract raccoons, coyotes, and other mammals that will trample your plants in search of those yummy meat scraps.  Put those kitchen sink nutrients back into the ground and not the landfill.  Do it for the owls!

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