Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

A new book, “The Screech Owl Companion” by Jim Wright and Scott Weston, includes everything you need to know about screech owls and screech owl boxes. The book was published in 2023 by Timber Press and is 227 pages in length. From installing nest cameras to keeping out squirrels, this book contains a wealth of useful information for anyone interested in owls, especially those who would like to be landlords of screech owls.

Our Owl Shacks are mentioned on pages 124-125, including a photo showing the wide-mouthed entrance we developed decades ago. If you’re interested in the topic of owls, especially screech owls, and would like to provide a cozy home for them, order a copy of this book at the same time you order a an Owl Shack. The duo would make for a great Christmas gift for that special someone that has everything – except an owl.