Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

Instead of waiting for a wildlife problem to arise in order to connect with your local elected officials, why not proactively contact them to provide positive feedback in the name of wildlife conservation? Tell them that you appreciate all that goes with conserving wildlife including clean air, clean water, green space, and public land where you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors. Regardless of your political affiliation, nature is something that all humans can embrace. Whether you like birdwatching, fishing, hunting, hiking, or all the above, our elected officials need to hear positive comments from you asking that they continue to support these activities appreciated by their constituents.

Wildlife conservation creates jobs and provides a tremendous economic impact to the U.S. – for example, a 2022 federal report on expenditures in Texas by residents and non-residents showed that wildlife watchers spent $23.4 billion and hunters and anglers combined spent another $16.4 billion. These expenditures came from equipment costs, trip-related costs (e.g., food, lodging, transportation), licenses, dues, fees, leases, etc.

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Do it because the great outdoors needs your voice to be heard. Do it for the owls.

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