Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

We all know that a safe driver is the best kind of driver but did we all know that maintaining our vehicles is not only good for our pocket book but good for wildlife? Removing excess weight from our vehicles and maintaining proper air pressure in our tires means we’ll get better gas mileage and reduce fuel emissions, which saves you money and is better on the environment.

While driving, please be cautious when you see wildlife near the side of the road. This includes hawks, vultures, or even eagles feasting on roadkill. Owls and other raptors often sit on a low perch on one side of the road yet see a tasty rodent on the other side of the road flying low in pursuit especially in rights-of-way with a lush layer of tall or medium-height grasses and weeds. Roadsides need to be unattractive to wildlife otherwise they could lure critters in harm’s way. This article explains additional threats to wildlife along our roadways

Deer and feral hogs are two to really watch out for while we’re driving. Hitting one means possible injury to yourself and more roadkill that then attracts more scavenging birds to the dangers of the road’s edge. So keep your vehicle in its best shape possible and slow down for wildlife. It’s not only best for the critters, it’s best for you. Do it for the owls.

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