Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas

Did you ever catch yourself in calm reflection while staring at your backyard trees, flowers, or other greenery? How about the same while staring at the side of a neighbor’s house or building? No, it’s not the same. Humans benefit from open greenspace and as our cities grow we need more of it whether we know it or not.

Parks and open space are economic engines that can boost adjacent home prices anywhere from 8-20%, according to one study. Residences next to a larger and longer greenbelt area, which is great for birding, hiking and biking, saw a 32% increase in home value on average, according to another study. Many people are willing to pay more to be near or next to open space as, most importantly, it boosts quality of life by giving more space for exercise, peace, solitude, and a place for reflection and relaxation. To learn more, visit

You’ll feel better with more green space in your daily life plus it’ll give our birds more area to inhabit. Work with your city planners, urban developers, and government officials to increase park land in your community. Do it not only for yourself but do it for the owls.Order your Owl Shack HERE