Owl Shack - scops owl Christmas
Getting outside is essential for our well-being. We experience therapeutic responses when we’re in the fresh air, hearing the sounds of nature. There’s so much to see in the great outdoors, we can get a break from urban life, unplug, and see new scenery and bright stars in the night sky. One of the best ways to experience nature is hiking and camping. Our youth need those experiences now more than ever. For newcomers, there are Youtube videos on how to tent-camp and what equipment is needed, but it doesn’t have to be fancy or visit this site nps.gov/subjects/camping/how-to-camp

State and national parks are scattered all over the country. You can start by practicing camping in your own backyard – your kids or grandkids will enjoy it. To make camping a favorable experience, you’ll of course want to select comfortable weather conditions including, for me, nightly temperatures below 68 degrees here in the humid South. That number can be a little higher in drier parts of the country. Getting your kids hooked on camping and hiking is a great excuse to travel to a different ecoregion where the flora and fauna will look different than it does at home. Show your kids or grandkids the great outdoors by taking them camping and hiking. Do it for them and do it for the owls!

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